We have a number of ongoing projects. If you would like to be involved please speak to one of the committee.


Maps are a key resource for any historian. The team are recording as many maps as possible that cover the area. This will create a list of maps, areas covered and where they are located.

St Matthew’s Church, Midgham

Monumental Inscriptions of St Matthew’s Church, Midgham is setting about mapping and recording all of the inscriptions within the church. In addition the team are researching the history of all the people named.

Thatcham over 2000 years

Thatcham over 2000 years was published in 2000 and the team are now updating it. There are minor corrections to be made but the also the last 20 years are being added.

St Mary’s Church, Thatcham

The inscriptions of the monuments was first recorded by Thatcham Historical Society in the 1980s. This update is adding the internal monuments, recording the state of monuments and will be researching the history of those named.