We are often asked where you can find out more on our local history from. Documented on this page are some of those resources.


Members of Thatcham Historical Society have access to our library. Both Thatcham and Newbury libraries also have a range of local history books as well as other materials including maps.

Museums & Record Offices



  • Allen, P.,  Around Thatcham in Old Photographs, 1992
  • Allen, P., A Popular History of Thatcham, 1980
  • Allen, P., A Popular History of Thatcham, 2000
  • Allen, P., Broughton, S., Coe, D., Higgott, T. & Young, N., Thatcham: an Historic Town in a Changing World, Thatcham Historical Society & Thatcham Vision, 2009
  • Allen, P. & Hutchings, J., Thatcham in Old Picture Postcards, 1983
  • Allen, P., The Book of Thatcham: A Record of a Changing Community, Halsgrove, 2006
  • Barfield, S., Thatcham Berks and its Manors, 1901 (available online)
  • Higgs, W. M., A history of the Higges, or Higgs family of South Stoke, in the county of Oxford and of Thatcham, in the county of Berks and their descendants; being also a record of one of the yeoman families of England, London, Adlard & Son, 1933 (available online)
  • Horton-Smith, L. & Graham H., The Baily family of Thatcham and later of Speen and of Newbury, all in the county of Berkshire, 1951 (available online)
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  • Money, W. & Rawlinson, T., Transcripts from the Parish Registers of Thatcham, Newbury: Blacket, 1881 (available online)
  • Tubb, R., Thatcham Road Names, 1991
  • Tubb, R., Thatcham 1895-1995: Through the Eyes of a Clerk, 1996
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