The Plough

The Plough Pub was the topic of a few enquiries at a recent event. The building is believed to date to 17th century with 19th century additions and a few 20th century too. It is a listed building. The earliest mention we have so far of the pub is to an Edward Farrow in 1795, it may be that it was a pub before this date. The Plough name in general seems to come from:

  • the agricultural plough; or
  • the constellation Ursa Major.

Which is the origin of our Plough? Firstly the most recent pub sign shows the agricultural plough, a decade or so ago it depicted Ursa Major and before that the agricultural plough. But the oldest photo we have, which dates to the early 1900s, shows the name of the pub on the sign. There is no written record of where the name came from, not that we have found. However there were a number of meadows and ploughing matches that took place around the pub in the 18th century and it is assumed therefore the pub was named after the agricultural plough. If you can prove, or disprove this we would love to hear from you.