Local history month

For those who do not know May is Local history month. The society has previously taken part in this with a fact a day for the whole of May. A few of those facts:

  • During the 1880’s there were about half a dozen smithies in the parish, probably the largest was that of Charles Wheeler near the King’s Head in the Broadway (or Broad Street as it was then known). He employed three men who were probably members of his family, Charles, George and William.
  • Around 1858, Samuel Barfield, son of John Barfield paid £60 for diverting Church Lane near the parish church and supplied iron railings and gravel. In 1860 the parish churchyard wall was built at his expense.
  • In 1819 Forty boys in the Bluecoat School were clothed and educated under the terms of the Lady Frances Winchcombe trust. A further 40 to 50 boys are educated on payment of a small subscription. All are taught reading, writing and arithmetic.

You can read all of those previous facts on our facts page.