Coronation Exhibition 2023

During the day on the Sunday 7th May and Monday 8th May, Thatcham Historical Society held an exhibition on local history, specifically focusing on the monarchy, with various items of memorabilia and photographs from over the years on display.

The exhibition went well, the team greeted a constant flow of visitors over the two days. Visitors took a keen interest in learning about the building itself, the Old Bluecoat School, the local history, memorabilia from the reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and material about King Charles III. We had a number of young visitors who completed a history trail and gained a coronation certificate from the society, and plenty who had their own memories of both Thatcham and a few who could recall the last coronation.

On behalf of the Old Bluecoat School Thatcham Town Mayor, Jeff Brooks, also unveiled a plaque dedicated to Councillor Barbara Collins Wootton, who in 2004 was instrumental in saving the Old Bluecoat School from being sold, helping to ensure it was restored and remained for the benefit of the community.

Committee member Dr Nick Young said “It has been a pleasure to meet so many people over the last few days, to share our history and listen to people’s stories, and to help raise awareness of the excellent work the Old Bluecoat School charity carry out.”

A local history talk was given on the 8th May in the evening. Local historian Dr Nick Young talked about, with many photographs displayed, of how Thatcham once looked and how it is today, Then and Now. The history covered many locations and topics including French Gardens, Coopers Cottage and Chamberhouse Mill.