Langford Way

A new road in Thatcham was named after Malcolm Langford in March 2022, a well known and respected member of the community.

The idea to distribute informational leaflets to the residents, explaining the significance of the road’s name, was proposed by Malcolm’s longtime friend, Bob Dewey. On Saturday, May 27th, 2023, the Mayor, accompanied by Malcolm’s family and friends personally distributed copies of the leaflet to the residents.

Eddie Langford, Malcolm’s son, delivered a touching speech expressing gratitude to those involved with the project for their efforts in producing the “Langford Way” information leaflets saying “I would like to thank Dr Nick Young, Bob Dewey and Thatcham Town Council for producing the “Langford Way” information leaflets. Thank You Mr Mayor for attending here today and supporting our family with this. It’s such and honour and privilege that “Langford Way” was named after my late father “Malcolm Langford” He would have been overwhelmed and very proud that a road has been named after him. He is very much missed by all his family & friends, and by having “Langford Way” in our town his legacy continues to live on

Local historian Dr Nick Young said “I have known Malcolm for a long time, his local knowledge, willingness to share, and enthusiasm was unwavering and he would do anything for anyone. It has been a pleasure to be involved with this project to keep his memory alive. I would like to think that the story of Malcolm and ‘Langford Way’ inspires a new tradition, where new roads are accompanied by an informational leaflet, shedding light on its name and other pertinent details for new residents.”