The 2023 Royal Time Capsule Project

The Heritage Working Party, at Thatcham Town Council, team are working on a time capsule project and would like your involvement.

What are they aiming for?

The main aims of the project are to:

  • The first is memories and recollection of the 1953 Coronation.
  • The second is how the town and its people marked the 2023 coronation.
  • The third is what volunteering was undertaken as a part of The Big Help Out and how this will continue to benefit the town.

What can you do?

Time capsule project.
Time capsule project.

We are seeking materials to help us fulfil these aims. Space is limited (items may need to be folded or rolled up) so we are asking for a few carefully elected items that you think records either of the events (1953 or 2023 coronations). This could be a programme or paper souvenir of the event, photograph, a hand written or typed memory, a drawing (of the King, the Coronation, a school celebration or a street party for example), or other such ephemera.

When is this happening?

Collection of materials has started now. All materials should be delivered to Thatcham Town Council Offices by Friday 21st July 2023.

Want to donate materials?

Items can be delivered to the town council offices.