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Collins Family

Hello, I am currently researching my family tree and am looking for information on Collins family Joseph Collins who married Frances Goldfinch and lived with their family in Chamberhouse Farm Thatcham between 1810-1850 he was listed on 1851 census as a farm bailiff.  I know that Joseph Collins was born in 1783 in Kingsclere Hants and became farm bailiff the Collins family and a lot of other people in my tree had connections with Ufton Court in Berkshire his wife was born Frances Goldfinch and her parents were George Goldfinch and Frances Norris and a high percentage of my tree...Read more

Lawes family

I am researching the Lawes family and believe I may be related to Richard Lawes (son of William and Ellen) who was christened on 9 Aug 1835 in St Mary's Church. If anybody else is researching the Lawes family I would love to get in touch.Kind regards, Michael LawesRead more

Home Gaurd

I am writing a disertation with the working title of 'How did the experiences of the Newbury Home Guard differ from those around the country?' I say working title as I am yet to speak to or find out a huge amount the Newbury Home Guard itself! Therefore, I am thinking of widening the title, as have been in contact with a number of people from the surrounding area, East End and Hungerford for example. I wonder if you might have any information yourselves regarding the Newbury Home Guard, or that of Thatcham and your surround area. Perhaps you might even have any veterans, which would be...Read more

Midgham Green

I am hoping someone may be able to assist me with the following: An illegal 'hovel' was built on Midgham Green c.1770 by Stephen Tegg. In c.1841 a gt.grandson William Tegg was living in a cottage on Midgham Green. Shortly afterwards he moved away. William was one of only two 'ordinary' householders to pay tax around this time the other being Mr. Goswell. A cottage on Midgham Green survives from around this time and I have a current map showing its position. I would like to confirm, if possible, if the illegal hovel is the thatched cob cottage presently known as ''Toad Hall'' on the Green or...Read more

Cooper's Cottage

I am researching Bristol stage coaches, and am particularly interested in Edward Fromont and Thomas Cooper, both of Thatcham and important coachmasters. I am aware from books about Thatcham that Cooper's Cottage has been demolished, but would be most grateful if you could tell me whether there are any views of it...Read more

Ames Crosta Pump

You may remember my sending you the photo of the wind powered sludge pump at Thatcham. I now know that Ames Crosta was the engineering company that erected the pump, almost certainly on the north side of the Kennet & Avon Canal, close to Colthrop Paper Mills. A large quantity of Ames Crosta's records survive in the Local Studies Centre in Rochdale. They were very big in building sewage works all over the world. From what survives, the pump in the photo was built in 1922-3 for W.C. Easdale at Thatcham. Does this name mean anything to you? A year later they were building a plant for...Read more

Bryan Gush, Thatcham Garage

I am trying to find more for my local car club about Bryan Gush who apparently had a garage in Thatcham and developed his own car that was very successful at Brooklands in Spring (possibly March) 1934. I have a NWN article 29.3.1934 but no more local background. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Read more

Little Lane, Upper Bucklebury

Hi, I am trying to find out historical and land usage information about the site of my house and the immediate surrounding area, in Little Lane, Upper Bucklebury. Do you have any resources covering the area, or can you point me in the direction of a person or organisation who might be able to help? I have found one old OS map, which suggests that there may have been a cemetery covering the site, however, having spoken to a number of local people (church, parish council, former resident of my house), nobody knows anything about it. I would be grateful for any assistance. Thanks in advance...Read more

Allen Family Tree

I am researching my family tree. My paternal surname was Allen. My father was Frank, son of Bessie, who was daughter to Henry and Sarah Allen of Knightsbridge View Farm, Crookham Common. On the 1911 census Henry and Sarah were still living there. Any information you can give me regarding the Allens, or their home would be gratefully recieved. Thank you, Margaret Johnson (nee Allen)Read more

Colthrop Paper

My Great Grandfather Albert Henry Lyford worked at Colthrop Paper Mill for most of his life and I am interested in any photographs of the Mill and it's workers in the late 19th and early 20th century...Read more