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Bosley Family

Dear Sir, I wonder if you can help me in any way, I am tracing my family tree and I have gone back to about 1800 my ancestors were all born lived and died in Thatcham but I cannot find any graves of my ancestors though I did find 2 on the Thatcham war memorial. Is there any way you could point me in the right direction. Many Thanks Paul BosleyRead more

Edward Frost, Thatcham Farrier

Hello, I'm helping a friend to compile her family history and need to find out about Edward Frost a farrier who lived or worked in Thatcham c 1900-1940, he was married to Florence ? who died about 1919. He apparently worked with Race horses. If anyone could help I'd be very grateful Liza...Read more

The Speedwell Convalescence Home Marlston, Near Thatcham, Early 1900s

The Speedwell Convalescence Home was less than 3 miles to the north of Thatcham, ( The house still stands on the Malston Rd, to the east of Hermitage, near WellHouse) In the early 1900's the Convalescent Home are taking in ladies 18 - 30 from nearby Reading, I am only getting a snippet of information from the census. The patients seem to be from the factories of Reading (Huntley and Palmers Biscuit Factory ?). I have checked for the obvious and do not believe they are in the family way as I cannot find any births recorded. They could be suffering from an health problem picked up in the...Read more

Chapel Street

Hello, i was wondering if you knew the age of 80 Chapel Street! ive been searching the internet all day and havent really got far? So was wondering if you could help me out? Well I had a surveyor go in..... And cause of the rafters...... He would say 1840 .....Read more

Thatcham Special Constabulary

My father was a wartime Special as was my Grandfather. I have found what I think is a cap badge from then, with the Kings crown although it could, I suppose be a collar badge. I am wondering if anyone has memories of those days when Thatcham had a complement of about 40 police officers, both regular and Special. I know the badge had a felt backing but cannot remember if it was red or blue. My father Bernard James Denness was honorary treasurer of the police club and of Midgham football club. He worked at the Mills for 52 years in the offices and rode round Thatcham on his bike collecting the...Read more

Aeroplane at the Corn Exchange

Hi, I am contacting you and your members to see if there is any truth to a family story. Alledgedly my great grandfather (John Codling) and some other people tried or may have succeeded in building an aeroplane prior to WW1 when aviation was a new and exciting thing. One rumour is that it was shown outside the Corn Exchange in Newbury and they may have attempted to fly it. I would like to know if anybody has come across this story or if there is any record of it happening. If it is true, then the story of where the aircrafts engine is burried must be true as well. I look forward to hearing...Read more

Dibley Family

Could you please help with my research. Dibley family is buried at St Mary’s Greenham. Would greatly appreciate inscriptions and graves relating to Richard Dibley who died 1847 and his wife Elizabeth d. 1855. Seems most of the family are buried in this graveyard. I am from Australia and deep into family history. Any help would be fantastic. thanks SueRead more

Ames Crosta Engineering Co. Ltd.

Can you tell me where this firm was located in Thatcham in the 1920s? They had a wind powered sludge pump erected c1924 and I am trying to determine how long it survived. The wind powered unit was of a rather rare variety - the subject of some research over the last few years. Many thanks in anticipation.Read more

William Richard Petty

I am researching the death of my grandfather William Richard Petty who I understand was involved in a railway accident close to the Lino works in Thatcham in May or June 1932. He died in hospital on the 26th June 1932. He lived in Newbury and I believe he worked as an outside porter maybe for the Great Western railway at Newbury. My late father, who was aged nine at the time, didn't say much about the accident and I am interested to learn any info about it. Many thanks in advance for your help. Jon Petty...Read more

Owen's of Hatch Gate

I am keen to trace anyone who knows of any descendants of John and Hannah Owen of Hatch Gate, Cold Ash they were the parents of 9 children George, John, Anne, Matilda, Lucy, William (my great grandfather), Sarah (mother of William House VC Winner), Hannah was laid at the prancing Horse prior to burial at St. Mary’s. I believe John was the son of Francis and Mary Owen who maybe were married at Bucklebury? I am now living on Harts Hill Road, Thatcham and would extremely grateful for anyone with any local knowledge of the Owen family circa 1790 and before They were from an agricultural...Read more