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Local Heritage Roadshow

Fancy joining us and discovering many other local heritage groups. Then why not pop along to the "Local Heritage Roadshow" in April? West Berkshire Museum, Saturday 28 April 2018, 11am - 3pm Meet members of the archaeological and heritage societies in West Berkshire Find out how our heritage is promoted across the district Discover interesting research into the district’s heritage Speak to West Berkshire Heritage staff about their work Get involved with your local historyRead more

The Story of Greenham Common

Local historian Penny Stokes spoke tonight (26th Feb 2018) on "The Story of Greenham Common." Penny noted that although we often think of RAF Greenham Common there is much more history tot he area, an area that technically is Greenham and Crookham Commons. There was once common land stretching along the length of the southern border of Berkshire, much of little interest or of use for farming. In 1872 one of the biggest military maneuvers took place with over 16,000 soldiers encamped on the common for two days. Two hundred years prior Parliamentarian soldiers would have been moving across the...Read more

Welcome to 2018

Thatcham Historical Society held their Annual General Meeting on the evening of the 29 th January 2018. The acting chair, Alf Wheeler, started the evening welcoming all those present and recalling the events of 2017. Alf noted that “ we started the year with a depleted committee, but luckily were able to enroll Julie Armstrong as Chair and Ann Dibble as Secretary. A variety of speaker meetings were held, ranging from canal history to prehistoric history in Wessex. The society has helped in community engagements such as assisting St Mary’s Church by providing a written commentary and...Read more

Thatcham: In the beginning

There have been Palaeolithic, old stone age, axes found in the area but the first settlement dates to about 10,000 years ago during the Mesolithic period, middle stone age. A series of shelters was erected on a pine covered gravel bluff near the modern sewage works on Lower Way Lane where flint tools were unearthed, as well as hearths and flint knapping floors. Excavated food and bones included those of the red deer, roe deer, wild pig, elk, horse, ox beaver, pine marten, fox, dog, wolf and wild fowl. The Bronze and Iron ages followed with settlements dotted about the area and then the Romans...Read more

National History Month

Welcome to National History month! May is a month where many around the country are celebrating their local history. A few years back we had various events that took place, why don't you start by taking a look at our history facts, viewable here .Read more

Thatcham history tour

Local historian, Dr Nick Young , led a group of 22 people around Thatcham on Monday 24th April 2017. The tour started from Church Lane where the history of the URC, British School, Monks Chambers and the Priory was discussed. A brief look at the St Mary's Church took in some of the construction and people as well as a nearby moated site. The tour then looked at the Broadway where Saxon settlement and some historic road names were discussed. Moving along the A4 the Nine Shilling Houses, Dinky Stores and more were talked about. The tour ended at the Old Bluecoat School where the group were...Read more

Welcome to our new Chairman

We would like to welcome Julie Armstrong as our new chair for this year. Julie was elected at our recent Annual General Meeting in January 2017. After her election Julie said: First and foremost I and the members of the committee would like to sincerely thank Sue Ellis for her outstanding and stirling work as both Chairman and Secretary of Thatcham Historical Society. We wholeheartedly welcome Ann Dibble as our new Secretary. We have an interesting and varied programme of subjects and speakers for 2017. The programme is available on our website. The committee are always striving to provide a...Read more

Fresh new website

The Thatcham Historical Society website has had a fresh, clean make over for 2017. We have had a website since 1999 and since 2003 our Dr Nick Young has taken care of it. The site had a major rework a number of years ago but for various reasons it has suffered over the last few years. However, Nick has given it a complete refresh. The new site can be viewed on mobile devices more easily. Some of the content has been removed, it was in need of a lot of work so we have decided to clear everything out and start again. The site will have content added back in over the year and there is the...Read more

Report of Speaker Events 2016

25 th January 2016: AGM The year started well with the usual AGM and Member’s Social. Despite cold weather it was well attended. The Society’s accounts showed a small profit, and the previous year’s events were reviewed. Ray Asher, one of the Society’s longest standing members, was made an Honorary Member. 25 th February: The Boer War Pt3 – Peter Lavarack This was the third and last of Peter’s popular histories of the Boer War, told from a South African perspective. After the victories for the Boer fighters which were covered in the previous talks, this looked at the outcomes of the war (...Read more

Shared learning

We are getting a lot of requests for information from parents at Kennet School doing the shared learning. Before contacting us please note we are all volunteers and whilst we try to respond as fast as we can you may not get a reply for a week or so. Both Thatcham and Newbury Libraries have plenty of materials on the history of Thatcham.Read more