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Heritage Open Days

Thatcham Historical Society is ivolved, for the first time, with the Heritage open Days. We are taking part, via the Newbury Society and together with staff at St. Mary's Church opening the Church up. There will be tours, dependant on the weather and the Bell Tower will be open. Saturday 8th September - St Mary’s Church, Thatcham (Church Gate, Thatcham RG19 3PN). Building and Bell Tower open 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm. Sunday 9 September - St Mary’s Church, Thatcham (Church Gate, Thatcham RG19 3PN). Building and Bell Tower open 1pm-4pm. There are a lot of events going on in the area, to see a full...Read more

The Olympic Torch

We concentrate so much on the past that we often forget that historic events are happening all the time around us. The Olympics, and the Torch passing through, is one event that we can't fail to notice as historic. A once in a lifetime event. As such we, Thatcham Historical Society, would like to collect as many photos, videos and story's of the Olympic Torch going though Thatcham and Newbury as possible. We often find it difficult to get photos,videos and memories of the past, but as this is happening now, we ahve a chance to do something about it immediatly. Hence, firstly we would like to...Read more

Chairman’s Address

Firstly, I would like to wish everyone a very happy New Year. I will take a brief review of events and activities we, Thatcham Historical Society, have undertaken over the past year and what we have to look forward to this year. We had out usual nine speaker meetings including the AGM. These included local topics such as Thatcham Schools by John Trigg, Archaeological Projects such as the Burgh to Borough Project by Judy Dewey and the History of Space Exploration by Richard Fleet. There are two talks that were a little different though. Our June talk, unfortunatly the speaker was taken inll at...Read more

Bron: The Scarlet Seal

The first two parts in the series are set in the late Roman era on the archaeological site at Beedon, where Bron is born and brought up. In Part III, she sails to Italia, in the wake of the returning legions. Book IV, The Scarlet Seal, was published a couple of months ago (details below). Bron is now in Rome and meets Emperor Honorius at the chariot races. The year is AD 408 and the city is being besieged by its pagan enemies, who this time accept a large bribe to go away. Bron decides she must take her family home to safety, but first must find her young Roman officer and persuade him to go...Read more

Freedom of the Town

Despite the weather, hundreds turned out to witness the Freedom of the Town event on 20th July 2011. This is one of the few events that you know is historic at the time it happens. Dr Nick Young was present to record it for prosperity, for all to enjoy. Freedom of Thatcham Town from Nick Young on Vimeo . Hundreds of people turned out today, 20th July 2011, to witness and honour the Royal School of Military Survey based at Denison Barracks, Hemritage, who the Thatcham Town Council are presenting with the Freedom of the Town. The parade was led by the Band of The Corps of Royal Engineers, who...Read more

BLHA: Book Sale and Local History Day

Berkshire Local History Association have asked us to remind our members and visitors about two items. The first is to note that Oxfam in Reading (8 High Street, Market Place, Reading) is having a Local History Book Festival from 2nd to 17th July). The second event takes place on 13th July and tells the story of Catholic Reading. For full details of both, see the attached documents.Read more

National History Month

We are once again in May, National History Month. We, Thatcham Historical Society, are celebrating the month with our third annual fact a day which can be found in our events page . For each day of may we will give a short fact on the history of Thatcham and the surrounding area. We are also celbrating with the second annual Peter Allen Memorial Lectures, which take place each Saturday during May. You can find out more about this on the website.Read more

History Month Fact 31: Order of Silence

1913 A religious order known as the Order of Silence has a House of Silence built for them along Hermitage Road in Cold Ash. It closes by 1921 and the building later becomes the nucleus of Downe House School.Read more

History Month Fact 30: Hill House

1890 Hill House home for girls on the Ridge in Cold Ash is bought for the Church of England Children's Society and renamed St Mary's. In the 1930s the home changes over to caring for babies and young children...Read more

History Month Fact 29: St Barnabus

Crookham C of E School, St Barnabus's School, is opened on Crookham Common in 1867, about 1/2 mile south of what is now Crookham Court. It has been built at the expense of Richard and Henry Tull of Crookham House. By 1992 it is a private dwelling...Read more