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History Month Fact 9: Thatcham Hundred

In c.1276 the old hundred of Thatcham is divided into the hundreds of Faircross and Reading. Mention is made of the house known as Henwick used by Reading Abbey for the supervision of land and collection of rents.Read more

History Month Fact 7: Church Estate

After the passing of the Local Government Act of 1894, the Church Estate, with the exception of the "Nine shilling houses," was held to be ecclesiastical and is still governed by the Vicar and Churchwardens alone ;...Read more

History Month Fact 6: Brigadier-General Richard Waring

Brigadier-General Richard Waring, shortly after coming into possession of the estate, built on that part of it known as Dunston a beautiful residence called Dunston House, about a mile north of Thatcham. Rocque mentions it as a very magnificent mansion.Read more

History Month Fact 5: The manor of Thatcham

The manor of Thatcham and the right of presentation to the living continued in the Winchcombe family for more than 170 years. After the death in 1718 of Frances, one of the daughters of Sir Henry Winchcombe, the last baronet, the Manor came into the possession of her husband, Viscount Bolingbroke; but Bolingbroke having been attainted in 1715 of high treason, his estates were sold in 1722 under a private Act of Parliament. The purchaser of Thatcham was, Brigadier-General Richard Waring.Read more

History Month Fact 4: An Inquisition

On the taking of an inquisition directed by Henry VIII in 1517, as to enclosures in Berks, it was found that the Abbot of Reading held one messuage and 20 acres of land at Crookham which probably was the property (Chamberhouse) that had been in the occupation of Sir John Danvers and of his father before him.Read more

History Month Fact 3: Crookham Manor

For upwards of two hundred years the manor and rectory of Crookham belonged to distinguished members of the house of Salisbury, and for nearly two hundred years previously, with a short interval of less than twenty years, to the Fitzherbert family distinguished men most of them warriors and statesmen.Read more

History Month Fact 2: Peter FitzHerbert

In the early part of 1226, Peter FitzHerbert, the lord of the manor of Crookham, one of the members of a family who owned the Crookham Estate for 200 years, conveyed to abbot Simon and the monks of Reading a meadow in Thatcham.Read more

History Month Fact 1: Area Covered

In the year 1859, the parish of Thatcham comprised not only the parish now known by that name, but also those of Midgham and Greenham, which were formerly two chapelries in the parish, as well as the newly-formed ecclesiastical district of Cold Ash, all forming one large area. It was the most extensive parish in the county being about thirty miles in circumference.Read more

Peter Allen Memorial Lectures 2011

The Peter Allen Memorial Lectures (PAML) first took place in 2010 to as a tribute to the late Peter Allen, to raise money for the British Heart Foundation (in memory of Peter) and as part of National History Month. The event was going to be a one of, however, during the planning and more so during the event, it became apparent that it may well become an annual event. During the event, many visitors and the Mayor said "this is going to be an annual event, isn't it?" Well here we are with the second "Annual" PAML. This years event has four lecture events, each consisting of two talks. The talks...Read more