Newbury’s Roman Cemetery

30 November 2018

Members joined Dr David Peacock on 26 Oct 2018 to hear about Newbury’s Roman Cemetery. The cemetery, which is roughly where Sainsbury now stands, was first discovered in the 1850s. The site was then in the parish of Greenham, although a number of boundary changes have taken place since then. The find appeared in the Newbury …

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Tomlin Popup Exhibition

11 October 2018

The Tomlin Exhibition

Thatcham Historical Society officially opened the Tomlin Popup exhibition tonight (8th October). A range of guests from the local community and organisations heard a short talk about the exhibition. The exhibition is a partnership between the libraries services, West Berkshire Museum and Thatcham Historical Society. The museum is aiming to have popup exhibitions in surrounding …

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Antiques and collectables

2 May 2018

Stewart Hofgartner joined us tonight, 30th April 2018, to look at members antiques and collectables. Members were invited to bring items along for Stewart to not only value but tell us something about the items. One of the first items looked at was a small metal bull with a bristle back. The item dated to …

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BBC Berkshire Bus

17 September 2009

The BBC Radio Bus

One of our committee members, Dr Nick Young, spent part of this morning with BBC Radio Berkshire on the BBC Berkshire Bus with Mary Green and Malcolm Langford. We had a short, live talk, on the history of Thatcham, highlighting the fact that there have been finds made in and around Thatcham that provide dates through almost every period of history …

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Thatcham: an historic town in a changing world

21 July 2009

Thatcham: an historic town in a changing world

A new publication on Thatcham’s heritage is to be launched this October. The publication is a direct result of a study that was instigated by Peter Allen under his role as the Thatcham Vision Project Manager and has been undertaken jointly by Thatcham Vision and Thatcham Historical Society. Sadly Peter passed away in May. The whole team has …

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